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“If I hadn’t thanked you on the phone the other night, I want to say that we really appreciate that you’re looking out for our best interests.  Thank you for taking the time to explain and to help us understand the process and paperwork.  And of course, you have our loyalty.”

– Newton Chou


“Ton, you did an excellent job representing us and closing the purchase of our first home. Thank you for your hard work, persistence and integrity during this process, be assured that you have earned a client for life!”

– Jerome Madigan, Redwood City, CA


“Thank you Ton for helping sell my condo SO fast and SO painlessly… U DA MAN!!!”

– Aslam Shaikh, Sunshine Gardens, South San Francisco, CA


“I got my property tax bill. DUDE it was only $2.9K each payment.  I have not seen a bill that low EVER.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! ”

– C & S, South San Francisco, CA


“As a new client, I really appreciate how hard you have worked for me, Ton.  Even though we have not found the right fit and my price point is not very high, you have treated me like I am going to buy a multi-million dollar home.  Thanks!”

– Rob Hall


“I never knew that someone like me making just enough to get by could afford a four-bedroom home.  Ton took the time to explain to me how the real estate market works, and how someone with my salary is able to find an affordable home.  I realized that the money I spend on rent could be used to pay for mortgage instead.  After meeting with Ton a couple of times, I knew that it made a lot more sense to invest in my own home.  Now, I am the owner of a four-bedroom townhouse where I live with my wife and three children.  Ton helped me find a mortgage loan that only required a very small down payment.  I know there are many renters out there (like I was) who are not aware of their opportunities.  I recommend they meet with Ton immediately.”

– Ramon Ruiz, Printer, San Jose, CA


“I give Ton my full recommendation for his real estate services.  After helping me identify a home of my choice, Ton negotiated a fair price and conditions in a multiple counter-offering situation.  Amazingly, the price I got for my house wasn’t even the highest offer!  Ton is a savvy negotiator.  Knowing the range of offers on the table, he priced the house at a competitive rate.  After communicating to the seller my determination to buy, the house was offered to me – even though there were two offers greater than my own!  I appreciate Ton for the excellent services he provided for me.  (He continues to help me even to this day.)”

– Gary, Application Engineer, Milpitas, CA


“We searched a long time for the right property but couldn’t find one at the price we were looking for.  Ton was very patient and diligent in showing us homes during this time, and he continued to be attentive to our needs and concerns.  Finally, we were able to find the home we wanted.  Ton negotiated a fair price for it, taking into concern our budget as well as the market value for the home.  His persistence paid off, and we were able to buy the home we desired, even though it wasn’t the highest offer.  Thank you Ton for all your hard work and patience.”

– Pharmacist


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